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The Other in the Light of One


The Universality of the Qur'an and Interfaith Dialogue


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As a result of world events over the past few years, Islam has entered our consciousness in an unprecedented way. The Qur’an, guiding text for over one billion Muslims, is being looked to for answers to questions like: does the Qur’an promote peace and harmony or discord and conflict, does it contribute to pluralism or exclusivism, is its message spiritual or fanatical? Based on a profound study of the Sufi perspectives of the likes of Ibn ‘Arabi, Rumi and Ghazali, The Other in the Light of the One is an attempt to answer the above questions and is an invitation to study the universality that is present in the Qur’an. Its aim is to relate some of the most profound interpretations of the Qur’an to philosophical and spiritual questions concerning interfaith dialogue.

For Muslims, The Other in the Light of the One offers a pioneering view of da’wa, in that it allows them the tangible means of putting into practice the many Qur’anic verses that commend discoursing with others on the basis of ‘the finest, most beautiful manner.’

‘The Other in the Light of the One is a pioneering masterpiece.’
Gai Eaton

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